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Making, Tinkering and Engineering

Making, Tinkering and Engineering

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Learn about Making with the Invent To Learn Guide to Making, Tinkering and Engineering.

There's a technological and creative rEvolution underway. Amazing new tools, materials and skills turn us all into makers. Using technology to make, repair or customize the things we need brings engineering, design and computer science to the masses. Fortunately for educators, this maker movement overlaps with the natural inclinations of children and the power of learning by doing. The active learner is at the center of the learning process, amplifying the best traditions of progressive education.

This book guides educators through the historical foundations, learning theory, and classroom practices that can be found in modern classrooms where “making” with the head, hands, and heart are equally valued. Invent To Learn helps teachers in any classroom or informal educational setting with practical advice and essential resources needed to make the case for making in the classroom.

In addition, Invent To Learn provides in-depth guidance for teaching and learning about three game-changing technologies: Fabrication, Physical Computing, and Programming.

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By Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager

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