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micro:bit Classroom Kit - Gamification

micro:bit Classroom Kit - Gamification

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 The Gamification Classroom kit for micro:bit is ideal for schools wanting to use micro:bit in the production of computer games and associated activities.

The kits includes a range micro:bit based DIY consoles and game controllers including a the Meowbit Console and Electrfreaks and Sparkfun Joystick kits. The kit also includes 12 micro:bits and Go Bundle accessories such as connection cables and batteries. which makes this kit ready to go and perfect for those wanting to use micro;bit in their environmental subjects and activities

The Gamification kit for micro:bit includes:

  • 4x Meowbit - Codable Console for Microsoft Makecode Arcade
  • 2x SparkFun micro:arcade Kit for BBC micro:bit
  • 6x ElecFreaks joystick:bit for micro:bit
  • 12x BBC micro:bit v2 Boards
  • 12x BBC micro:bit micro USB cable
  • 12x BBC micro:bit AAA Battery Case
  • 5x AAA Battery - 10 Pack

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