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BBC micro:bit v2 Educator Kit - Lab Pack

BBC micro:bit v2 Educator Kit - Lab Pack

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The micro:bit v2 Educator's Lab Pack is the perfect way to introduce micro:bit into a classroom or learning environment. It's got 10x of everything you need to get inventing with micro:bit, and even has alligator clips and jumper wires to connect to breadboards, sensors, and other circuits.

What's in the BBC micro:bit v2 Educator Kit - Lab Pack

  • 1x micro:bit v2 Club Pack
    • 10x micro:bit v2 Boards
    • 10x micro:bit Battery Holder
    • 10x USB Micro-B cables
    • 20x AA Batteries
  • 10x Small Servo
  • 10x Mini Speaker
  • 10x Alligator Test Leads (10 Pack)
  • 10x Jumper Wires Standard 7in. M/M — (10 Pack)

Everything is pre-packed and organised to make the micro:bit experience as smooth as possible. But we don't just leave you with a bunch of new gear and hope that you figure it out. The micro:bit v2 Educator Kit is designed for educators, by educators. There's example projects, lesson plans, and other teaching materials available for micro:bit which is why it's such a fantastic learning platform.

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The BBC micro:bit comes with a 1 year warranty.

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