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Problem Solving Resources for Bee-Bot - School License

Problem Solving Resources for Bee-Bot - School License

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Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot includes a teacher manual with instructions and objectives, and a CD with 150 student challenges, licensed for use across your whole school.

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot
is targeted at students in first through fifth grades. Challenges are based on a grid which takes advantage of Bee-Bot's 90 degree turns. Initial exercises challenge students to develop simple routes for Bee-Bot and can be used with younger students. Subsequent exercises have more complicated routes tied to cartesian coordinates on the grid, providing hands-on practice in understanding graphing and mapping. Additional challenges focus on prediction, logic, sequencing, and directions. Working together on challenges helps student develop communication and collaboration skills while testing their solutions with Bee-Bot provides a motivating experience in self-evaluation.

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot includes a teacher manual with instructions and objectives and a CD with 150 student challenges. Challenges are self-contained on one page to be easily printed and distributed to students. Each challenge is self-contained with its goal and instructions. Students solve the challenge they are presented and then test their solution with Bee-Bot. Challenges are organized by type and level of difficulty, so teachers can match challenges to student experience and ability. Challenges that emphasize mapping, graphing, predicting, and sequencing are included along with a series of challenges that present increasingly complex Bee-Bot routes.

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot was developed by Lester Carr, a 40-year public school veteran, who drew on broad experience introducing technology into the classroom to develop Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot. Bee-Bot's simplicity and ease and use were an inspiration to develop challenges that put the motivation, excitement, and learning potential of robot technology into the hands of elementary school students.

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