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Raspberry Pi - Linux Distrubution (pre-flashed memory card) - RaspBMC

Raspberry Pi - Linux Distrubution (pre-flashed memory card) - RaspBMC

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Burning a Linux distribution for your Raspberry Pi can be hassle. For this reason we provide the latest Linux Distributions that are compatible with your Raspberry Pi. The version shipped to you will be the latest available at the time of your order.

Choose from Debian, Noobs Lite or RaspBMC

An SD Card pre-programmed with the latest version of Linux Distriubtions, gets you up and running straight away. Just plug it into your Raspberry Pi and you're good to go.



Data Rate: 4Mbps

Memory Features: 4GB Pre-programmed with NOOBs Lite

Memory Size: 4GB

Memory Type: SD Card

Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V to 3.6V

Speed Class Rating: Class 4

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