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STEAM Class Kit for BBC micro:bit

STEAM Class Kit for BBC micro:bit

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This kit includes 20 micro:bits and a range of STEM / STEAM related accessories, which makes it suitable to engage a whole class of students.

Invent, tinker, hack or play !

Use the Microsoft Makecode and micro:bit to create a working weather station, an arcade game, wearable tech (like a fitness tracker) a security system for school bag, locker or bedroom, or a simple driver less car. BBC micro:bit offers a huge potential for our students learning coding and STEAM related subjects.

Instructions and lesson plans are included.

Class Kit Inclusions;

  • 20x micro:bit Go's
  • 4x Bit:Bot XL
  • 4x ElecFreaks micro:bit Starter Kit
  • 2x micro:bit wear:it - Wearable Tech Kit
  • 1x SparkFun micro:arcade kit
  • 1x SparkFun micro:climate Kit

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