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Studio Lights - Umbrella Lights Kit

Studio Lights - Umbrella Lights Kit

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This Umbrella Lights Kit includes two (2) Umbrella Lights with Stands and 125w Energy Saving Bulbs.

Umbrella lights are used to diffuse light and help create shadow free soft white light, ideal for portrait photography.

Technical Specifications:
• 125w Energy Saving large bright white studio lighting bulbs, equal to 525W normal light.
• Includes four Umbrellas - 2x Soft Diffuser Umbrellas and 2x Silver Reflective Umbrellas.
• Aluminium light stand with adjustable height and 3 legs for solid support.

These lights provide plenty of power to take portrait shots of the class, video interviewing, fashion photography or just about any portraits you want to take in a studio environment.

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