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Studio Pop Up Light Reflector

Studio Pop Up Light Reflector

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This 5-in-1 Pop Up Reflector has 5 different coloured sides: White, Black, Gold, Silver and Translucent.

Reflector panels are the perfect accessory to have while taking studio shots or outdoor production. Reflector panels are used to bounce light from a particular source of light onto the subject (Sunlight or studio lights) and manipulate light in various ways to generate the wanted effect. Made from a Pop-up / Collapsible Panels which folds easily - simply zip open to reveal different layers.

Technical Specifications

• The Gold Reflector is used for Warm tones and a Natural Backlighting effect.
• The Silver Reflector is used for Cold tone, Bright light effect, sharp contrasting light and improved colour saturation under sunlight.
• The White Reflector is used for Softening Light and can be used to provide extra light to the subject to reduce shadows.
• The Black Reflector is used for Absorbing unwanted light.
• The Translucent Reflector is used for "Shooting through”, making sunlight / light softer and reducing shadows and contrast.

Whats Included:
1x Pop up Reflector Panel with 5 coloured sides
1x Portable Carry Bag.

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