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Swivl CX-Series Robot - CX3

Swivl CX-Series Robot - CX3

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$1,699.00 Inc GST
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$1,699.00 Inc GST
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The Swivl robot turns your tablet or smartphone into a portable automated video camera.

The Swivl CX3 Kit contains the following:

- 1x Swivl CX-Series Robot
- 3x Swivl Markers
- 1x Swivl Carrying Case
- 1x Lightning to Micro USB Cable
- 1x DC USB Wall Hub
- 1x USB to Barrel Plug Cable
- 1x Wrist Lanyard
- 1x Neck Lanyard
- Small, Medium, and Large Shims

Swivl CX-Series Features:

The CX-Series is Swivl's most advanced, easy-to-use video capture solution for teachers and students. The CX-Series Robot now follows you with professional quality audio, twice the speed of response, a simpler to use Lightning interface and the ability to connect and use up to four markers at once to expand your experience.

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