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Tami Block Mechanical Robot Kit

Tami Block Mechanical Robot Kit

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The RoboTami Mechanical Robot Kit offers step-by-step instructions for young students to build powered robots with mechanical moving parts.

The RoboTami Mechanical Robot kit comprises of a medium pack of clip together construction parts, a single motor and a battery pack, along with workbook with instructions to make 9 Robots which walk, crawl and roll. There is also the opportunity to create endless robots, machines, models, all which can have powered moving parts All items you need are included.

The workbook provides teaching resource and activity ideas to aid teaching relating to construction, mechanics, electronics, movement, solving engineering challenges and much more. The workbook provides instructions to make 9 powered Robots.

For ages 9+

Top Tip: This kit can be used as a set of additional parts for adding to RoboTami Creative Packs. The switch battery pack provides the ability to drive a single motor with a simple on/off switch. This item is very useful for testing more complex robots, whereby you can use the simple switch to test mechanical creations... before programming the Creative CPU Controller.

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