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Thronmax Metal Shock Mount

Thronmax Metal Shock Mount

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The Thronmax suspension shock mount securely holds your microphone in place while isolating it from unwanted shock and vibration noises during both live and studio audio recording.

The Thronmax Shock Mount is made of metal and features high-tension elastic cords that isolate the microphone. This mount is designed to absorb and redirect vibrations away from the microphone to reduce audio interference that can ruin recordings. There’s also a padded rear stopper to hold the microphone in the perfect position while it’s in the mount.

This shock mount is compatible with all Thronmax microphones as well as a wide range of large diaphragm condenser microphones equipped with a 5/8" thread. Its lightweight, all-metal construction lends to its durability while its heavy-duty elastic bands suspend the mic in the shock mount's centre for maximum isolation.

  • Lightweight metal construction
  • Isolates Mic from shocks and vibrations
  • Custom designed shock mount for all Thronmax microphones
  • Fits any mic with 5/8" thread

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