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Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner

Transcan C 3D Scanner

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Dual Scan Range Ready-to-Use

The slide-rail design allows for the scanning range to switch between 150mm x 96mm and 300mm x 190mm to meet variable object sizes.


Multi-Resolution Fusion 

The algorithm of multi-resolution fusion allows a mixture of 3 levels of resolution of high, medium or low in one project for complex scanning tasks, which highly improves efficiency without duplication of work.

Resolution (Point Distance)

Inner Smaller Field of View 150mm x 96mm

Low: 0.114mm

Mid: 0.0375mm

High: 0.075mm


Outer Larger Field of View 300mm x 190mm

Low: 0.075mm

Mid: 0.154mm

High: 0.23mm


High Fidelity Colour

Two 12 MP Colour cameras are installed to capture a detailed 24-bit colour map, representing a true-colour of the physical object. It gives an ideal solution to visual display.


High-Accuracy Scan Data

The compact design scanner produces high accuracy of 0.035mm at its inner position, and of 0.05mm at its outer position. These results are valuable to many applications for measurement.




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