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Blue-Bot Swarm

Blue-Bot Swarm

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This popular kit includes 6 Blue-Bots and 1 Blue-Bot Charging Docking Station.

The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming. Blue-bot can now interact with other Bee-Bot's® and Blue-Bot's, and can also record audio - to play back to confirm when commands are entered, and to playback when Bee-Bot® follows commands.

What's included with the Blue-Bot Swarm?

  • 6 Blue-Bots (new model with Audio and Rechargeable)
  • 1 Blue-Bot Docking Station (Charges up to 6 Blue-Bots or Bee-Bots)

The new and improved Blue-Bot is perfect for teaching control, directional language and programming. because you can code and control Blue-Bot in four ways;

Use Blue-Bots on-board buttons for basic controls, which will enable Blue-Bot to act the same as a Bee-Bot.

Use Blue-Bots TacTiles to create more complex screen free programming, then use the Blue-Bot TacTile Reader to upload the algorithms for Blue-Bot to actuate.

Use Blue-Bots App to utilize more complex coding opportunities whereby you create your program on screen and send it remotely for Blue-Bot to perform the program.

Control Blue-Bot remotely using the App on a Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device.

Key Features of the New Blue-Bot

  • Blue-Bot (and Bee-Bot) now have sensors and can detect other Bots.
  • Blue-Bot (and Bee-Bot) now have the capability to record and play back audio. The recording is played back to confirm when commands are entered and when Blue-bot follows the command.
  • Blue-bots has a clear shell, which means children can see inside Blue-Bot and understand which components perform which duties, for example, where is the power stored?
  • Using the app, Blue Bot can now perform 45 degree turns alongside the traditional 90 degree turns which means children can program Blue-Bot to draw a variety of different shapes.
  • You can still use Blue Bot like your normal Bee-Bot, by programming on the robot itself.

The Blue-Bot App

The Blue-Bot app enables you to write an algorithm, send it to your Blue-Bot, and then Blue-Bot will follow your instructions. The Blue-Bot App has two modes;

  • Explore Mode allows children to explore the wonders of programming through an open ended coding environment.
  • Challenge Mode presents puzzles for the children to complete.

The Blue-Bot App also makes classroom management as easy as possible too - by allowing you to rename each and every Blue-Bot to give it its own character. The Blue-Bot App includes numerous activities which make writing algorithms both fun and educational, including:

  • Use explore mode to develop algorithms: Step by step programming. Drag and drop programming. Include repeats to add efficiency.
  • Challenge mode will add complexity into the algorithm: Blue-Bot will add random obstacles, adding complexity to the algorithm needed One or even two directional buttons can be removed
  • Children can also record themselves saying a command and can assign it to a button on Blue-Bot. As the algorithm progresses, they will hear themselves giving the instructions.

Other Useful Features of Blue-Bot Include:

  • Rechargeable and fits on the Bee-Bot Docking Stations
  • USB cable provided for recharging
  • Compatible with your existing Bee-Bot Mats and accessories (such as shells, pushers, pen holders etc

Warranty and Support

All items in the Blue-Bot Rechargeable Swarm have a 1 year warranty.

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