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MODI - Designer Kit
MODI - Designer Kit

MODI - Designer Kit

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The MODI Designer Kit provides a comprehensive set of MODI Modules and accessories, which provide everything you need to start improving creative thinking and computational thinking skills at school or home.

The MODI Designer Kit is suitable for ages 8 plus and is ideally suited for use with a single student or student group.

What is included in the MODI Designer Kit?

  • 1x MODI Battery Module
  • 1x MODI Network Module
  • 1x MODI Button Module
  • 1x MODI Dial Module
  • 2x MODI Motor Module
  • 1x MODI Motor Controller Module
  • 1x MODI LED Module
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Set of Lego Compatible Mounting Plates and Accessories
  • Free unlimited access to Software and Apps; MODI Play, MODI Studio and MODI Sketch

Unplugged Coding

Experience the principles of physical computing by connecting MODI modules together - no device needed!

Modules connect magnetically for safety and convenient usage.

Develop STEAM Skills

Start coding intuitively! No prior experience/knowledge of electronics or programming is required.

Compatible with LEGO bricks

Combine your students/child's favourite LEGO with MODI and enter a world of infinite imagination!

Convenient Magnet Modules

There are 3 types of MODI modules: Input, Output, and Setup. Input modules detect or measure the surrounding environment and control the output modules. Output modules communicate with or impact their environment with motion, light, or sound. Setup modules support the operation of other modules.

Free Apps Included

Use the Code Sketch app to learn coding concepts and totally customize MODI modules with your own code.

You can control your creations using the MODI Play app.

Express Yourself with theDesigner Kit

Cultivate your creative thinking skills and use your imagination when making fun and exciting creations with hands-on manipulatives and LEGO bricks.

  MODI Software

MODI Studio

MODI Studio is graphic-based drag and drop block coding software that uses MODI hardware. MODI modules can be coded using Entry, Scratch, Python, and MODI Studio.




This is an application to control creations like a joystick by connecting your smartphone to MODI.






Code Sketch

Code Sketch is an application that provides a block coding program as well as a video guide to let you create your own coding projects. The Code Sketch application includes our MODI Play function, which lets you control and move your creations!

*Code Sketch is only compatible with tablets.


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