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PC Locs - CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD
PC Locs - CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD
PC Locs - CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD
PC Locs - CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD
PC Locs - CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD
PC Locs - CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD

PC Locs - CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD

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Quickly charge, store, secure and transport 5 iPad and Tablet devices.

Key Features:

Ultra Mobile

The CarryOn is the most portable charging station on the market. Its compact design coupled with a built-in handle makes transporting and distributing devices easier than ever before.


Wall Mountable

The CarryOn includes a handy wall mounting kit so that you can transform any wall into a space for storing devices.

Organised Cables

Minimise cord chaos by keeping those cables secure once and for all. It’s virtually impossible to tangle the charging cables in the CarryOn Mobile Charging station. The cords are just the right length to reach each device.

Efficient USB-C PD Charging

Quickly charge 5 devices at once at 30W of power per USB-C port. USB-C PD (Power Delivery) is a fast charging technology that delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging when connected to a supported device.


Ultra Mobile, Ultra Efficient Tablet Charging Station

Save Time, Save Money. The CarryOn enables employees to quickly and easily locate fully-charged mobile devices at the beginning of every shift. Because of the simple cabling and short cords, they’re also able to plug in devices very quickly, saving valuable time.

Experience faster Charging with USB-C PD. Get devices charged and back to use faster than ever before. Together, USB-C and PD (Power Delivery) are the dream team that deliver the fastest possible charge to compatible devices.

CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD Product Benefits

Efficient Power Delivery (PD)

Charge 5 devices at 30W of power per USB-C port. USB-C PD (Power Delivery) is a fast charging technology, supported by certain devices. This is done by negotiating the optimal charge rate with each device connected to the CarryOn Charging Station. This means less time charging, and more time using your devices!

Take Portability to the Next Level

The CarryOn holds up to five devices, together with all the charging hardware and cables in one clean, compact unit.

Efficient Setup and Cable Management

Efficiently set up your station while keeping cables organised during use. The rubber retention system firmly hold cables in place without causing damage.

Small Footprint, Big Power

You don’t have space to waste? That’s why the CarryOn fits anywhere–mounted on the wall or tucked in a corner.


The CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD is compatible with the latest USB-C devices. The CarryOn can accommodate most iPad and Tablet devices with or without cases. Please check dimensions for compatibility.

Neat and Tidy

A cable at the back of the unit plugs into main power, then wraps around the cable cleat when you’re on the move. The transparent door allows you to quickly check that all devices have been returned.


The CarryOn includes a keyed lock, aluminum outer shell and impact resistant alloy edging to keep devices safe, secure and protected.

Functional Design

More than just a pretty face. Form meets function with this sleek and durable design, topped off with an aluminum handle for comfortable and easy carrying.

CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD
Hardware Specs & Accessories

Device Compatibility Maximum Device Size (including power connector):
Length: 268 mm
Width: 198.6 mm
Thickness: 23.5 mm
Station Specs Length: 313 mm
Width: 183 mm
Height: 303 mm
Weight: 2.5kgs
Station Power Specs Input (IEC 8): 100-240Vac 50/60Hz 2.8A (max)
Output (USB Type-C): 30W of power per USB-C port
5 x 5V 3A | 9V 3A | 12V 3A | 15V 3A | 20V 5A (Up to 100W Max on a single port, 150W Max total.
Note: Charging unit will balance 150W across 5 ports)
Station Security Integrated keyed lock.
Combination of screwed, riveted and welded construction.
Product Number PCL2-10502
Warranty Lifetime Warranty.

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