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School TV Studio Kit

School TV Studio Kit

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Turn your classroom into a TV Studio and bring your digital literacy projects to life.

The School TV Studio includes our Standard Green Screen Kit, a Boom Mic Kit, an iPad Tripod and Mount, 2 monitors and an Apple TV, all combining to help the actors and crew to act and react within the production to get things working beautifully.

Setting up the TV Studio is easy and is achievable by all schools, so no need for additional expensive and time consuming installation. Set up should take most teachers no longer than 1 hr (and most of that time is spent un-boxing the stuff!)

Apart from the TV Studio Kit contents you will need:

- An iPad (for use as your camera)
- A suitable green screen App ( many of the free ones work fine)

The TV Studio Kit includes:

- Monitors kit = 1x Apple TV 2x Monitors 1x HDMI Splitter 3x HDMI Cable
- Background kit = 1x Background Stand 1x Background Cloth (green) 4 x Back ground Pegs, 2 x Softbox Light Kits
- Boom MIC Kit = 1x Boom Pole 1x MIC 1x Connection Cable 1x Extension Cable
- Tripod Kit = 1x Tripod 1x Tripod iPad Mount

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