Swivl CX-Series Starter Kit - CX3
Swivl CX-Series Starter Kit - CX3

Swivl CX-Series Starter Kit - CX3

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This Swivl CX-Series Starter Kit - CX3 comes with everything you need to get the most from Swivl within your school or organization.

Easily record video with multiple microphones while Swivl rotates to follow you.

The Swivl CX-Series Starter Kit - CX3 contains the following:

- 1x Swivl CX-Series Robot
- 3x Swivl Markers
- 1x Swivl Floor Stand
- 1 Year of Swivl Pro Service.
- 1x Swivl Carrying Case
- 1x Lightning to Micro USB Cable
- 1x DC USB Wall Hub
- 1x Markers Charger
- 1x USB to Barrel Plug Cable
- Wrist Lanyards
- Neck Lanyards
- Small, Medium, and Large Shims

Swivl CX-Series Features:

The CX-Series is Swivl's most advanced, easy-to-use video capture solution for teachers and students. The CX-Series Robot now follows you with professional quality audio, twice the speed of response, a simpler to use Lightning interface and the ability to connect and use up to five markers at once to expand your experience.

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